Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dead birds and Dutch visitors

On the way home after dark. Starting to feel like summer on the streets. People just hanging out. An eccentric white guy in baggy cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and sideways cap is walking down the street, singing in  loud voice.  In front of the projects two black guys come out and join him. Now they’re jamming. Singing harmonies. Impromptu doo wop concert.
Couldn’t put it off any longer. We have to go into the south tower. Deal with pigeons. I put on a face mask, keep my hat on to keep them out of my hair. White plastic gloves. I have a thought. Grab a drum.  We open the door, start banging on the drum. There are at least three pigeons fluttering around. They can’t seem to find their way out. There’s a reason for the expression birdbrain. Finally they fly out. 
I enter the room, scooping up dead pigeons. Last time I did this, didn’t think I’d have to do it again.  Danielle holding the bag. Find three. Then climb up the ladder to pull the hatch back down to keep them out. Danielle reminds me to tie the rope tight. Feel like we’ve won a battle, not the war. But pushed back the frontier some. They won’t be aimlessly wandering around the office anymore. 
Two tourists have come in. From Utrecht in the Netherlands. I give them a quick sanctuary tour as they snap pictures. Talk about my good friends from Holland, Romelia and Arjan now in Peru.  I give them some neighborhood tips, recommend the Boat Basin Cafe for a late afternoon stop.
Jane drops by for a conversation. A man from an opera company comes in looking for a performance space for a September concert to honor their late producer/director.  I leave the opera man with Danielle and head to Popover’s with Jane. It’s clear we’re going to work together. What is it going to be? Need to get something planned for fall.  And in the meantime, keep the conversation going.
Danielle and I finish the paperwork to prove the drain pipe leader situation has been corrected. She’s amazed at what her work includes on any given day.  Dead birds and Dutch visitors. Drain pipes and opera. A good day.

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