Friday, May 20, 2011

A deck of Pokemon cards and losing lottery tickets

A deck of Pokemon cards and losing lottery tickets.
OK. So actually this is the day the photographer arrived to take photos from the Spirit. And remembered the Westy award for our work homeless people. Seems like along time ago. That award.

Danielle and I prepare for the week. But most of my day is spent preparing for our meeting with the Administrative Commission on the future of the church. Stakes are very high. Issues like the law suit loom very large.
Norm comes in to show us what he’s been working on for our archival display. With what we have given him, he has done wonders. Our history and legacy. The present. The future vision.  This will happen. And be good. 
Only time for a brief pass through the office today. On my way to Presbytery meeting at 475 where first I’ll meet Jane’s brother for lunch. He’s a member of the Board of Presbyterian Welcome. And then an anxious day waiting for issues related to West-Park to come up. 

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