Monday, May 23, 2011

The day began and ended with contracts

Found a lawyer. Contract signed. Church saved. Wolf away from the door. At least for now.
I remember to call and thank Alvin Green from Gray Matters who set this up. For the series of connections that lead back to Mim. That’s how things happen. Relationships. Faxed the contract to attorney Jack Haber. Got the word out. 
Outside, Jim Wadsworth is passing by. We stop and talk. Long time member. One of the founders of our spirituality and poetry group. The cold kept him away. I’d love to bring him back.  
At the end of the day, Stephen from Woodshed comes by. One last time through the contract. It looks like we’ve reached an agreement. We will be welcoming Woodshed’s  immersive theatre experience this summer. 
The day began and ended with contracts. 

Woodshed's Video....scenes of West-Park

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