Monday, May 30, 2011

Are you perplexed, Reverend?

Getting ready for tomorrow. Go to Councilmember Brewer’s office to get information on tomorrow’s street fair on Broadway. Marty’s outside. 
So your taking your constitutional on Pennsylvania Avenue he says.
More like Columbus Avenue, I say.
There was an Italian kid in my class. He said it wasn’t Columbus Day, but Columbo Day.  A play on words, you know?
Well, no. Like really, he was Italian.
Yes. Born in Genoa. Like Maimonides. Born in Genoa, moved to Spain. Maimonides and Columbus. When  was Maimonides?
Not sure, Marty.
He wrote Guide to the Perplexed.  Are you perplexed, Reverend?
More than I’d like, Marty, more than I’d like,
He chuckles. You enjoy the day, okay, Reverend?
You too, Marty, you too.
Finish the work with Danielle. Time to go home.
The Saigon Grill workers are on the line as I pass by.

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