Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still a church to be built

A brief stop in before meeting Jed at Popover’s. To talk about the Centre. The upcoming concerts. Andre’s concerts. If we do the Bible marathon, Jed wants to be down for 1 and II Chronicles. At 2 am. Accompanying himself on the piano. Now we must do it. 
He goes in. Sits down at the Beckstein. Piano Dan’s tuning is holding. Jed hasn’t been here for years. I remember his Def WAM!(Worship, arts, music) benefit. The night he played and I sang Bird on a Wire as Greg played the drums and my son Micah the bass.  And the amazing liturgies he and Katherine and I created. When Sundays were fun.  In this space.  He’s still playing as I go off to see Katherine. And then Mim. I come back after a visit to Jack’s to get ready for Session. 
Hope comes in to plan. And then the members. There’s a lot to talk about. Our roles as by the Book of Order. Lawsuits and lawyers. Presbytery and politics. Boilers, bathrooms and pigeons. Worship and Sunday school. Pastoral care.  Saigon Grill and sweatshops. Rainbow flags and outdoor signs.  A lot to talk about. 
In all the swirl of the centre, there’s still a church to be  built. Not a building. A church.

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