Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Mario wrote in his press release about the Work Center's residency at West-Park

....It was delightful, inspiring, and intriguing to meet Reverend Robert Brashear (or simply Bob), Danielle Smith, and the West Park Presbyterian Church. We understand the reasons which led you to embrace our presence and efforts in West-Park. One of our members was told by her mother and grandmother that the church is God's house, and that every human being is also Gods house. These days this may sound confusing, but then, different though we all may seem or be, if we are all part of a shared existence we call to be human, then it is only just that God's house is a space for the manifestation and celebration of different aspects of this search to be human. We thank you heartily for offering your space for the performances I Am America, The Hidden Sayings, and Not History 's Bones - A Poetry Concert, as well as for making the Church available for the sessions of the Open Choir and the meetings of the Seed Group. Our relationship with you never felt like, and never became, an exchange in business. We wish especially to highlight the fact that you gave, and are currently giving, this church as a free space to use for many new possibilities to evolve and grow. We witnessed that during these performances and shared times together there was a great interest on the part of so many people to know this human work, this work to be human, and we are sure that we can attempt and develop this together as many seemed to enjoy it, felt some special connection to it, or had some specific memory which fostered a desire to participate in this work. The truth is you always encouraged us not simply to use the space but to create a shared space with others, and what transpired was truly something to build upon towards a new kind of future. We are grateful to have begun something special there with you. Your generosity is profound, and we wish to continue these fruitful conversations and our mutual efforts.

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