Monday, April 28, 2014

The 7th day of Easter: Birthday parties and another opening of another show


Another opening

Working on getting ready for tomorrow.

By late afternoon, the place is a veritable beehive of activity. Love it when that happens. In the Noche studio, Martin’s younger daughter is having a birthday party. In the sanctuary, transformative preparations are underway for a former Sacred Center member’s 40th birthday party. The columns of the sanctuary bathed in purple and blue. And upstairs, in Mc Alpin, Berik and Leila getting ready for another opening.

Looking at Leila's collage
When I stop in, it’s another successful night for them with another eclectic group of international artists. They have discovered a good formula for their work and the turnouts are always good and artist happy. RL stops by to check things out.

The sound of drums brings me downstairs. It’s a Korean drum corps. Now that was unexpected. And sure enough, it draws a visit from a neighbor wanting to sleep. That problem soon resolves itself. There will be a sing along with new thought gospel music (don’t ask) a video tribute to the birthday girl, a choir and a live band.
Rl, Berik and artist

It’s getting late. I need to go home. RL will keep an eye on things and make sure the place is safe and secure and party over and cleaned up before he leaves.

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