Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday: day of preparation


Flowers waiting for tomorrow

As I get to the church, there’s a crowd outside the 86th street door. What’s going on here? It’s the Frog & Peach cast of King John anxiously awaiting the arrival of their director for rehearsal to begin.

Shortly after I open the doors, the flower delivery truck arrives with a load of lilies and tulips from MIm. They will be there to brighten our Easter morning.

Don offers to help clean up and set up but since no one else is there, I decide we can get by. But just as soon as I’m ready to leave, Marsha arrives and we set to work. Clearing out the narthex. Throwing out accumulated unnecessary stuff. Marsha starts to vacuum and I get the broom and dust pan and head to the steps, the sidewalk, to sweep. Amazing what can accumulate just overnight. We place two pair of women or children’s leather shoes/boots on the steps and they are gone within the hour.

I make a run for supplies. Return and finish. The restrooms will wait until tomorrow morning, the King John crew is still here.  It is two hours later. Much has been accomplished. I feel a good kind of tired.

Just after Marsha leaves, Leila arrives, looks around. Looks good, she says. The flowers are there, already to be set on the steps in the morning. To say, we are here. You are welcome. Happy Easter.

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