Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There is no connection between these things


Pat O, Mim and I meet to plan our retreat for this coming Sunday. The Center Board and the Session have some serious issues to work through regarding our future. But the biggest has to be how to get the congregation to be in a position to focus on its own growth and development. Needing to return to the original vision of the Center sometimes forgotten in the search/wait for the white knight.

While we’re meeting, a couple of guys from Sanctuary NYC come in asking about some microphones they may have left here last fall. Well….

I get the text from Pat. Her daughter in law Maya, one of the lead singers of Guess & Check,( has just delivered Pat’s first grand child, Nyla Simone…congratulations, Pat….

Mario comes in. Wants to meet with Katherine and I on Friday to pick up the new spiritual communities conversation. And it looks like their open choir is meeting tonight.

RL comes in to tell me someone is asleep in the sanctuary. It turns out it’s Geoffrey. He sleeps here and at Elise’s Advent Church. Yesterday, when he walked in, he stood a long time facing the Tiffany Jesus window, bowing and raising his hand in a saluting, or asking, seeking gesture, speaking in his own language. I wish I could learn his story. Today he is just asleep. I wake him up. Tell him I’m locking up. Time to go. He thanks me profusely and is on his way, looking over his shoulder at Jesus.


April 1st. April Fool’s Day. Nineteen years ago, this was my first day at West-Park. There is no connection between these things. It has been a long journey. Lots of blessings. Lots of losses. Long. It is sunny. Getting warmer. Even though it’s been officially spring for over a week, it’s still been cold. But warming up now.

Martin, Mitchell and I sit down. To talk about a long term relationship with Noche. Five years we’re looking for. It’s not a white knight. It’s piece of a complicated puzzle. But maybe if we can get one piece down…..maybe…In the studio next door, Antigone continues to evolve.

David S, who has been working as a handy man, is turning the front closet into a workspace.

Time to head to Newark to teach.

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