Thursday, April 17, 2014

Midweek Holy Week: Quick, cheap and good. Pick two.


Joe and La Toya back to pressing the limits again. I swing open the doors. They say, I know, I know…

It’s a cold day.Geoffrey arrives early and stays late in the sanctuary. Stops in to say thank you sir.

Jeremy is back …briefly…from Switzerland. He has brought me his CD to give to Jean. And is excited to show me his new music video for his song, Let’s waste this year. Unfortunately, I can’t share it until it’s official release. His record company is looking for the right roll out strategy. But I love his shout out to me in the credits. He and Priska are hanging out in Berne, Switzerland while her show continues. To make money while he’s home, Jeremy’s made one  deal with the devil, he says, for a TV show. I’m anxious for him to get back so that we can start working together again.

Cool thing about his video. It was shot immediately after his interview with Zeljko. The same crew from the School for Visual Arts. (Hooked up by Zoran?) He invited them down to his meeting with the Hungarian puppet people. And they went along just for the fun of it. It’s taken 18 months to get the video done. Like my father said, he says. You’ve got quick, cheap and good. Pick two….And then he asks about Zeljko’s shooting and project.

Karen is in and playing the piano until Pat O arrives and we go into the sanctuary to review last Sunday’s congregational meeting and talk about next steps. We talk about the two work groups again and what it will take to move forward. It’s my job to inspire and sustain the will to move forward in spite of the frustration.

A young woman comes in. Asks if Teddy’s still here. If we know where he is. Danielle and I look at each other. He’s dead, I say, died a year ago Christmas. We had a memorial service in February. Like 200 people here . All kinds of people, he was well loved.
Did he die here?
Heart attack.
I had a feeling that he was gone…or, not here. I had a feeling.
How did you know him?
I’m a photographer. I was following
Occupy Wall Street. I took pictures of him. He came to me this week. I mean, to my mind. I didn’t now where to look. I knew he came here. So I thought I’d start here.
I have pictures. I know he had children. A daughter. Daughters. A son?
Do you have their addresses? I’d like to send them…
Yes. But there’s someone else. The love of his life. You’ve got to send her, too.
She looks at me puzzled. I give her the link to Zeljko’s film about Teddy.(
Watch this, the story’s there. Well, not the story, but, you know? 
She takes down all the information. We exchange contact info.
He got to me, you know?
Yeah, I do. He was well loved here.

And that’s the second time Zeljko came up today.

A Brazilian is in looking for a place to teach capoeira, that hot mix of martial arts and ritual, beautiful movement, movement accompanied by the berimbau. Capoeira.

Marsha and I meet. Talk about doing something. Talk through what should be done first. Decide to make a proposal lot do that. To begin.

Coming home on 86th after the Yankee game, it felt like fall, like playoff weather. I run into Lynnea and her King John. They open soon. They’ve been in rehearsal in the church. She’s feeling good.

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