Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maundy Thursday


Ready for Easter

Maundy Thursday. The day we remember the last supper of Jesus, possibly a Passover seder. Or the night before.

Marina is taking on a business discussions role with Noche. Hmmm. I’ve enjoyed watching her become more and more integral to the company.

The Frog & Peach cast is putting in long hours preparing for King John.

Berik raising a banner
Berik and Leila have arrived to hang the Bread & Puppet banners that they gave to us as parting gifts.  We bring in David S to help with the project because a tall man is needed. And after some time in negotiating and strategizing, the banners are hung. The bring back to me the sense of spirit and life that the company brought to us during their residency. There is a simple, affirming funkiness to their cheap art that somehow conjures that time known as the sixties and a down home rural rootsy America at the same time. (Although that always was part of the sixties ethos). It makes me happy to see the banners up. Proclaiming spring. The renewal time of Easter. And reminding me of the joy of having B&P with us.

At the end of the day, RL stops in, just because.

The speak for themselves

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