Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The corner to be turned comes into view


The greatest joy yesterday was seeing Rachel in church under her own power. John R walked her home after services. 

A man asks if he can come in and pray. Hours later, he’s laid out, asleep in the pew.

The day begins with a visit from my friend Jon D. Former second chair bass player for the New York Philharmonic. Back from his work with El Sistema in Venezuela. That Freierian inspired music project founded by Jose Abreu that has produced musicians like Gustavo Dudamel, conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  We get Martin on the phone and talk about an exciting potential collaboration between Jon’s Very Young Composers’ program and Noche Flamenca. An idea begins to take form. Jon is also interested in working with Ethel who have just returned from their summer break. This is exactly what the center is supposed ti be about. 

A crew comes over from Barney Greengrass to borrow our long tables. It’s become an annual tradition as they prepare to face their annual avalanche of orders for the Yom Kippur breakfast that comes at the end of the week and people from the tribe all over the country ordering sable, lox and sturgeon from Barney to mark the end of the fast. The truck is there, ready for loading. 

We meet with Henry and Naomi from Presbytery’s Ministry and Nurture Committee to fill them in on our total strategy and pending lease. They are very impressed. Feel we’ve moved ahead light years since we first met and even since last February. The deal we have now is  far superior to what we had then. We maintain control of the building. Wind up with spaces developed for rehearsals and studios. Just like we planned. We talk again of our vision of everything working together. How it’s already happening. We mention the comedian Dion’s coming to services yesterday.

They’re a good pair: Naomi a classic church elder from 5th Avenue, Henry a feisty pastor from Queens who’s been through the mill and knows what the cost can be. They get it. They’re with us. Will give us their  support in the all important upcoming Presbytery meeting. Now of only we can have the same kind of success with the Trustees tonight.

Outside one of the holiness guys is hanging out with a man in a wheel chair. (Not Sean) he calls out, Hey, hey, he wants to know, are you the Pastor? I answer, Yes, I am. 
Stephen and Cara are in. Stephen to talk strategy about that Trustees meeting.
David S deeply involved in an electrical project.
Two young Koreans are in. Back, I should say. Still looking to lease the entire building. It’s been months since their last visit. They've managed to raise up some serious money. And are surprised when we tell them we are almost ready to roll with another project. They were convinced that if they could just raise enough, all would be well. God’s plan. Not so simple. Nothing like downcast bright shining faces.

Of to a reading of Ludovica’s latest play.
Later, Jamie, Stephen and I go to the B to celebrate our outcome with the Trustees. Hard to believe the turn around. We face the possibility in  a month or so of actually being able to not just hang on but to  begin moving forward. To have achieved stability. And an opportunity....Can we shift our mind set, our way of looking  at things? Can we believe in possibility? A Do the hard work necessary? It’s been a very long time. It’s taken a lot of hard work. We never count our chickens before they’re hatched. But....I’m ready.

And ready to finish up my work and head down to 78 Below where I’ll meet son Dan and do a few songs. 

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