Thursday, September 26, 2013

Deposed or I pick dem up, I put dem down. I do it all day long


Back to the office after a morning being deposed in a  trip and fall case. Strange word that, deposed. One meaning is a legal process where you are asked the same question over and over again for hours. In this case, about certain flags, or sidewalk panels  in front of the church. And as to whether the city or the church is responsible for them. The other  has to do with removing officials from a seat of power, through legal process or armed insurrection. At any rate, I have been deposed. An exhausting experience.

I hear Karen as I enter the church. Soon she comes into the office. With her usual litany of what do you think unanswerable questions. She does say, however, One of the scariest moments in my life turned out to be the best.

She goes back to playing the piano and I look down and see RL watching, listening, ready to offer her his usual experienced honest yet caring  critique. 

And Jon D and Ralph from Ethel are in to talk about collaboration. Getting Jon’s Very Young Composers  together with  Ethel’s vanguard chamber group. And ultimately composing for them. In an after school special as it were. We’ll invite the whole neighborhood. Begin to make that intergenerational education part of the center’s mission statement come true. When they’re gone, Danielle and I agree that meetings like this make everything else seem worthwhile . As he’s leaving, Ralph asks about Sean. He was there, by the door, this morning, when they arrived. They felt guilty entering around him. Not waking him. Not sure what to do. We tell him, it’s OK. It’s OK.

I’m off to see Michael, RL’s attorney. 

Next door, there’s a moving van. Workers with dread locks moving in and out. Furniture, boxes, large items. Lifting barges and toting bales as it were. One comes back. Mops his brow, says to his associate, in Jamaican lilting English,  I pick dem up, I put dem down. I do it all day long.

And I think, word. I know, I know....
78 Below will come  later. 

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