Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recharging batteries


Two pairs of jeans.

Spend two hours with our insurance company preparing for Monday morning’s deposition in another trip and fall case. Our litigious culture is more than  depressing. Moving legitimate. moral/legal responsibility into the arena of opportunism in the hopes  that the other party (ies) will pay just to make it go away. Some values get lost along the way here.

Karen is in playing her music again. And gifting us with some cleaning supplies from her business. 

Sean is outside. His battery dead again. This time, I remove the heavy battery, bring  it inside. As he sits in his chair, covered by his blanket, I go get him a coffee and a bagel with butter. I hook up the battery to get it charging.

Jeremy drops in. Waiting to practice with Ramon the dancer. He sees Sean’s battery. Asks what I’m doing. Says, seems like that’s what the church has been doing for centuries. Recharging people’s batteries.

Later I see Ramon and Jeremy rehearsing. Ramon stripped to his waist. He seems to operate in a world all his own, disconnected from the rest of us. 
Marc brings the photos in that he shot last night. Super clear. Very high quality printing .I look at my face. Trying to feel like I don’t look old and scary. I can see in my own face that this has been a very hard year to live through. It shows. 
Dennis B and Shirrin from  the Assembly have been here all day interviewing potential candidates for the homeless life skills program. The group seems to be coming together.
Meet with Elise and Russ from Riverside and James from Broadway to discuss our Palestine film series. Hopes  to follow up. How to create a safe space to have a dialogue with our  more circumscribed colleagues as to how do we even talk abut an issue that is almost taboo in the US. How do we even broach the topic that the closer we reflect  on on it, it looks like the  day of the two state solution js past already.  And also where do we go from here? It is clear that i have no desire to be involved with the ubiquitous people to people programs that make no attempt to do socio-economic.-politcal-military  power analyses as part of the process. 

A guy comes in looking for Sean's battery. When I look outside later, he's motored off. 

RL makes his daily check in.

Recharging batteries.

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