Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Critical issues remain. And there are still inherent flaws in the lyre.


There’s a man asleep on the steps I’ve never seen before. I rouse him. Tell him he’s got to  go. Later, he’s gone, but there’s a mess to clean up. 

Stephen and Cara come in, Stephen playing the sanctuary Beckstein and Cara the chapel piano.

I see David S lugging six cases of Strongbow cider up Amsterdam for the next open mic.

Dennis B is back with two folks, Elaine and Shirin, to work out details for the soon to begin  Interfaith Assembly life skills program. 

RL and I checking out the steps. He spies two containers of Chinese food and plastic utensils. Asks, in essence, what’s up with that, and I say it’s obvious, some well intentioned person thought that leaving Chinese food on the steps for the homeless might be a beneficent gesture. Not taking into account  all the liability issues with that , etc. 

Adding to my afternoon sweep time. Complete with rubber gloves to pick up all the cardboard and scattered clothes. As I’m finishing, son Dan arrives and helps me finish up. And I take him to the Gate for food and to meet Paul.

The session arrives for an all important meeting. Even though things are moving forward, there are an almost overwhelming number of tasks to be accomplished before we can close a deal. An elevator to check out. Fire alarm issues. Leaking roofs. Pointing. Who’s going to collect the competitive bids? Who’s going to manage the process? It’s work that must be done. How do we pay for it before the manse sale goes through? What’s the timeline?

In the midst of all of this, Mr. Martin the piano tuner comes in. Much to Marsha’s chagrin. Not everyone understands his eccentricities. I walk out with him, he compliments  me on the timbre of my voice. 

When last he was here, the pedals were off the piano. Between Marc and Piano Dan, the old instrument is playable again. Mr. Martin comes back amazed. Someone has fixed it, he says. And done a good job. He pauses. But will it hold? There were, as I said before, inherent flaws in the lyre...( He promises to come back and check and we return to our critical discussion. Hugo’s experience in property management much valued.

All day long, the news has been filled with the story of the latest gun tragedy. This time, the DC Navy yards. It's almost too common place to be shocking. 

When we end, I’ll head down to 78 Below to meet son Dan. We’ll do the open mic. RL will dedicate his song Silhouettes to Dan. And we’ll watch the end of the Steelers game. Only one of these will end happily. 

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