Saturday, September 21, 2013

Destination wedding and ripple effects


Alex, RL, Marc
Why don't you stay awhile?

A crew of Irish construction guys in to do an evaluation/assessment of work to be done. 

Ramon is in again, dancing by himself, off in his own world. 

A woman comes in.Looking to do a two day wedding. One day for a Hindu ceremony and the other for a Christian ceremony. A destination wedding. (New word for me). In Cancun.

Have my talk with the precinct about the steps. More complicated than I imagined. Has to involve the District Attorney's office. Cops city wide concerned about ripple effects of the two year anniversary of #OWS. While some mainstream #OWS folks have narrowed foci and are working to promote issues like the Robin Hood tax proposed by mayor candidate Di Blasio, there are others lurking about as free floating bands calling themselves #OWS like gangs of Confederate raiders roaming the countryside long after the Civil War was over. 
I  head out to meet Zoran at an at opening and then to Milica’s season launch at her gallery. Later, I’ll come back to the church in time to catch Dion’s set and Pat and Piano Dan's and to do my own. Actually feels good. Two originals and finally do I still miss someone the way I want to do it. A new guy, Alex, here for his second time. RL calls up Alex and Marc to join him and finishes out the evening. Now can I catch up with Zoran on the Lower East Side?
                                   i Still Miss Someone

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