Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not even Agatha Christie. Did I tell you I have beautiful handwriting?


Nancy comes by. To check on the manse sale. And talk religion, philosophy, always. Time to look for  new apartment.

See Marty again. My father used to tell me to listen to the Fulton J. Sheen radio show and to take careful notes. For his own sermons. Did I tell you I had beautiful handwriting? I couldn’t keep up. He said make sure I got the beginning and the ending. I could fill in the rest later. 

Marc invites me into the little chapel. Bring my guitar. He’s got a new camera. Taking photos. Has taken some beautiful portraits of Martin’s daughter Gabriella and her boyfriend Ahmad. He shoots me with my guitar.

To Adent, Elise's church to review our Palestine Film series and to plan follow up. Can we ever create space safe enough to engage our Jewish colleagues in this conversation? Or even our sensitive Christian ones? One thing for certain, I'm nit interested in any people to people projects that ignore power realities. In the end, they only strengthen the dominant and make more vulnerable those with less power. 

RL comes in and finds me on the floor, in front of the safe. Are you alive? he says. I assure him that I am. Not sure even Agatha Christie could describe your body on the floor, he says. 

Later, at the Gate, inspired by great-grandfather’s obituary, we’re deep in a conversation about railroads, canals and barrel making when I get a phone call reminding me that a couple has arrived for premarital counseling.

A young serious Christian, seeking God’s plan, and a recovering Catholic. She’s a rare one who simply is who she  is without needing to judge others. embodies grace. And he, the most  forgiving man I’ve ever met, she says. She talks  about being a Christian in the fashion industry. At their core, they’re both into grace in their own way. They work.

And I’m soon off to see Katie and my old soccer mom friend Esther sing backup for old school rocker Cindy Thrall, the Reckless Abandons and the Reckettes. Piano Dan will be happy to see me and not have to share his table with a potentially dislikeable party.

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