Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The recording wasn't meant to be


Cara in and all about cleaning.  Martin in and all about numbers. Anna in and all about questions.  Someone from another church comes in with issues around their pastor which I tell him he’s  got to take his issue to Presbytery.

Kimberley and I meet for the first time this semester.. I hear about her successful production of the concert of her colleague Kristen Leigh. She and Stephen managed to pull it off well while I was in Berlin.  Trying to figure out how to engage Union students in an active participation in the  worship and spiritual life of West-Park. 

Amanda and I off for a long conversation sorting through issues. When  we get back, she has an extended conversation with Cara about her music which has the result of unintended consequences. Dinner at  Flor de Mayo, one of the last of the old  Cuban Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood now with a Peruvian twist. (And a supporter of the Sweatshop Free Campaign.)

In the chapel for a recording session with Amanda for her new songs are Joe and KT and Dan. The expected recording assistance is not going to happen. I understand why but am still upset. That’s not the way we want to do things around here. With Jeremy’s assistance, we set out to do it on our own, but that’s not what’s going to happen and lots of hours of time will be wasted.

Still, we get to hear Amanda’s new songs. Ukulele and great harmonies with KT. Their voices weaving and intertwining on can I ever live without you? with  Piano Dan on the voice trumpet.   One song with a chorus that just drags you in.... I don’t know where this love will go... She’s rediscovered something. Dan frustrated with the piano. The recording seems to suck. Wasn’t meant to be...

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