Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finishing with music, good


Cara and Amanda open the night

Early check in with Amanda about tonight’s Open Mic. Stephen is putting up signs. RL arranging for supplies. Marc setting up sound.

More numbers crunching with Martin. Marina in to dance.

Mim, Ted, Marsha and Jamie and I gather to try and create a workable budget. Phrases like bricks without straw and spinning gold from straw come to mind. hard, serious, relentless work. 

We take a break. Jamie to lead a tour. Ted, Mim and I meet with Ralph Farris of ETHEL, one amazing new music chamber group. They love the acoustics of the sanctuary. would be great to get them here.

Back to work. While we were gone, Marsha worked the figures and realized it might actually work. More head scratching phone calculator pushing mathematical sodukulike puzzling work. It might actually be coming together.  Exhausting.

No break time. Rudolfo here looking for money. (No hay.)  Amanda here to set up already. No time to go out, even to the B. Stephen, Jamie and I share a quick cup of wine. 

Rabbi Jan is getting everything set up for tomorrow night’s Purim party. Singing torch songs. Marc seems impressed as he works the sound. Rabbi Mark comes in and I introduce the two rabbis. 

RL, KT and Piano Dan
Ready or not, time to open. Amanda has once again transformed the chapel. She  has worked with Cara to take her words and music and turn it into a performance piece. She joins Cara in opening.  All the regulars ....Joe, Pat, RL, KT, Piano Amanda’s invited guests and people like Matt who we saw at the Living Room and Pat K’s daughter in law Maya and son Jay, fresh from their Bitter End gig. And I do several of my own songs, joined by Joe then Amanda. Trying out some new songs.

Matt Turk
Full house.  Stephen tending bar. Jamie stays, leaves for a movie with her daughter and returns. My friend Beppe. Martin and family.  As we’re closing, the Midnight Run shows up again with food and clothing.  So we’re still on the list...Exhausted. But finishing with music, good. 

Amanda, Joe and KT

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