Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home again: Crazy enough

To wake up in the morning  in Berlin  and find myself back in my office in New York in the afternoon, in a day that feels endless, is strange. Disorienting. The all too present issues of the moment come swirling back like the snowstorm I missed, with only traces remaining, that kept me in Berlin.
Cara is out and happy to be back. Eagerly sweeping, having discovered it’s spiritual discipline value. A prelude to piano.
I look for Marc to check signals on upcoming events and find him in the chapel playing electric guitar along with RL, Mandola Joe and Poet Tim. 
Anna too comes in with her care for Cara and her usual eagle eye for everything and everyone in the house. Trying to make sure we all stay alert. 
Later, I find Mandola and Tim in RL’s office. Mandola lets me test his orange ukelele and I remember my father and My dog has fleas... They’re headed for another impromptu concert for Harvey.
As the day comes to an end, I share Storm Large’s Call me Crazy with Cara, knowing she will appreciate this force of nature from Portland’s portrayal of her own journey turning her wounds into transcendent funky art. (....that’s how I turn a nosedive into flight...) Stephen joins us as we watch her YouTube video for 8 Mikes Wide...
The Dzieci are in for rehearsal and welcome me back. Check signals for teddy’s memorial. And Isis has brought muffins.
There is an undercurrent of dread... I figure I’ve got time to catch RL and crew at the Gate. 
Doesn’t feel much like Valentine’s Day...

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