Monday, February 4, 2013

No pea under any shell


Today Danielle is helping me with my Saturday set up. Moving tables, chairs, setting out the cloths, the candles...

Nancy stops in to pick up a set of key, and always our conversation touches on many things. Including the couple I met yesterday. Peruvian/Colombian, Japanese/Jewish...

Cara calls from the hospital. Issues. Anna walks in, asks about her. So we come up with the cash to send her cross town to see Cara. Advocate if need be. Anna is a walking encyclopedia of resources, eligibility, procedures, rights....We send her on  her way...

I remind of his discussion of crazy vs. nuts and the importance of the shells and he says,yes, but sometimes at the end of the game, there’s no pea under any shell...which I actually understand...

I go upstairs with him where he wants to share a video parody created by one of his friends of a reality/game show called Cash Cab. This one is called Rich Shaw...Instead of a cab, a rickshaw...and well...Piano Dan and his daughter have major roles.. It’s pretty funny, though it never made it onto to TV, they still won the prize. (Not enough entries)


I take the time to share with him the song I’m working on with Jeremy. His opinions always appreciated. 

I am disappointed that our PDA connection has not beeen able to get a pick up for this weekend for Sandy relief. And Marc is (rightfully) upset because a friend of his is anxious and ready to help out and the information is not coming through clearly and timely  enough. Should have just said yes, go ahead,set it up, the first time the offer was made. John R, Steve and Jay are all  standing by, ready to help. 

I’ve finsihed the service. Almost ready to close up and lock the doors when Anna returns with her mission (as) accomplished (as it could be under the circumstances.) We get her story.Close up shop and head home.

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