Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home again: the circle is complete


Martin is back from tour. We sit in the chapel over coffee, trying to sort through what has happened, why and where do we go from here. Don’t really want to lose him...Isola the dancer brings the coffee. 
John, an artist, has been invited to exhibit in Berik’s new show. Wants to go upstairs and see the exhibit. So I take him up to Mc Alpin.
Sharif’s longtime friend and contractor Anwar Ali arrives for a full tour of the building. So we do the whole thing. Not sure where this might be headed. Well, he’s headed to Mumbai tomorrow. 
Jeremy is doing a sound check foe their next movie. We’ve got to go over Teddy’s memorial one more time and then rehearse. We start with I Shall Be Released and then swing into my own Rest Awhile. Feels good but there’s a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. 
Get marc line duo for the service of remembrance for Adham Brenes tomorrow and also for Amanda’s open mic next Friday.
Leila stops in on her way to set up fro tonght’s opening and i am glad that I didn’t miss it after all. 
I can’t wait any longer and start making phone  calls to work on strategy for one of the issues we’re struggling with. Acting on one thing makes acting on the next easier. 
The Prophet walks in, makes an obeisance towards the front of the church and moves to a back pew. Stephen tells me that last week when he tried to redirect the Prophet out of the church house back into the sanctuary, he threw his hat at him like a Frisbee. 
Cara and Anna are working tag team in tandem. I step out on the steps for a minute. Deacon Linda stops as she passes just to see how things are going. Out of the corner of my eye I see Elle from next door waiting for a bus and Marty walking back to Capital Hall. 
RL has asked me to come up to his studio. He’s happy with the new sound system he’s picked up from Marc and the way it fills the room. He’s more happy, delighted, with a letter from the State  of New York  regarding the application for Adult Protective Services which he had not requested. He reads the lengthy letter in standard bureaucratise with a twinkle in his eye. You see, he says, they have officially declared me sane...that opens up all kinds of doors...I think he just needs to use it in his next show. Before i go, he puts Amanda’s CD on his big sound system. First Sweet Gin, then his favorite, Tin Man, with him singing  along on the chorus...somewhere over the rainbow...It’s been a long time since I’ve heard it. I get lost remembering the very first time I heard it. She will be here for Teddy’s memorial service. ( )
Back downstairs, Rudolfo has walked in seeking money for food. Too late for Westside Campaign. I give him one of my few remaining dollars and with what Danielle kicks in,he’s soon sharing with us detailed menu of what he will buy and where. All I can do is nod. 
While this is going in, I look at Danielle and say, Well, all I need now is Rachelle. And as Danielle is reassuring Congresswoman Brewer that no we are not planning to install a glass tower around our bell tower, and giving up, laughing, trying to explain our day, in walks Rachelle. With Valentine’s chocolate and Capital Hall horror stories.
She hears Cara in the sanctuary and heads to see her. Danielle and I look at each other. The circle is complete. I really a back home. Congresswoman Brewer suggests we should be a reality show or sitcom.
I’ve got enough tome to visit Berik ad Leila’s opening before my friend Beppe comes  to pick me up. Yes, home again.                                                                                                                      

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