Monday, December 3, 2012

Three days: And yes, it is now December


Stephen and I spending time together working on pr for upcoming events in December. 

Someone I know from the neighborhood is sitting on the steps, calling in bets for tonight’s college basketball games. 


Telling Martin about my visits to Far Rockaway and Staten Island. Make a passing reference to Third World. He asks like  where? And I say Central America, the Middle East...’80’s...He wants to know more so we set up a time to talk tomorrow. 

Danielle wrapping up the week, figuring out which bills to pay..

Marty’s out. Sometime I have to ask him what his best spot is. 
Say Reverend...your boys, are they good athletes, good ball players?
Well, were. Pretty much grown. Don’t play so much ball anymore. Well, you know, pick up.
Well, I’m happy. Notre Dame is number 1. First time since 1988. Loved Notre Dame ever since I was a kid. Y’know, Kavanagh, they accused him of illegal recruiting of players. Never proved anything though. Now he wasn’t the President. Notre Dame doesn’t have a President, it has a chancellor. It’s like in England, they don’t have a treasurer, they have a chancellor of the exchequer...
Good word, that, Marty...exchequer...
So during the time of George Washington, who was the most powerful man? 
I don’t know, who?
He was a Jew...Haim Solomon...he financed the revolution...Washington wouldn’t have won without him.
I’ll have to look him up.
Where? New York Public Library?
Don’t do that anymore, Marty...and I wave my IPhone. And he waves back, dismissively. 
They wanted to make Washington king. But he said President was enough.
Haim Solomon, financier of the revolution
Or maybe chancellor? and he laughs. I need to get back to work. And as I’m going back to my office, I look back and say, Hey Marty, go Fighting Irish. 

I’m talking with Stephen when Marc comes on, says, Hiho Steverino...which leads to a long discussion of Louie Nye and the Steve Allen televsion show (probably my Dad’s favorite...)Allen the epitome of late ’50’s cool.  Ans from there morphing into discussion of recording techniques. Marc working on several West-Park projects as well as taping my Sunday sermons..

This day is over. And so is November.


Four loaves of French bread and a bag of clothes.

I’ve gathered Stephen, Teddy, Jay. Got to get ready for tomorrow. Need to find purple cloth for Advent. Candles. Advent wreath. Prepare a space for an AIDS moment of memory. Make sure that all trash is out and everything  clean. Send Teddy for cider to make mulled cider tomorrow. Send Jay to buy ink for a printer to print up flyers. 

The big jib is to deal with Rachelle’s stuff which has crept back into the sanctuary and is dangerously jammed into a hallway.We’ve told her over and over and over again.Set dates and not held her to then. And then she disappears.

I go around the corner to Capital Hall. As I enter the door, I see a big picture of Edward Green. If you see this man, call security, it says. I ask about Rachelle. They haven’t seen her in days. I go back to the church and tell Stephen and Jay t get it ready to be put out. 

Eric a musician/artist from the neighborhood is just back fro Berlin. Saw our doors open. Lived here for years, never as them open...(that again...)looking for a place to work...

On my way to find candles, run inti RL who has need of a wheelchair for a project. He’s going to meet Teddy in the chapel to see if it is the necessary size. When I get back, it’s just right. Teddy and RL take off.

Martin comes in for a 5 minute review of my history. The church solidarity work, human rights activities. I try to explain that between then and now, it’s a seamless line...just like West-Park.

Get a text from Teddy. He and RL heading for the Gate.  Maybe there’s time....

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