Friday, December 7, 2012

This is what democracy looks like


Time to get the banners back up we took down before the hurricane. Our West Park banner and the the center banner: Dream. Real. Hard. Can Stephen and Jay handle it on their own? Do they need the St. Agnes guys?
Stop Teddy to tell him about the Occupy Faith meeting I went to this general frustration. But my satisfaction with my conversation with Amin. In a conversation where the macro is so elusive, I’ll stick with the micro.  We can put together a work team to go to Staten Island to do real work and show solidarity. And I ask if I could bring an Irish and over and he smiles. Amin is my Sandy hook up. 
Martin and I talk about my upcoming conversation. I want him to know exactly what the situation is before  any conversations move forward. He’s done what he can. I need to bring it home. The best I can.
RL is coping with life and what it brings. As we’re talking, Isis walks through on her way to rehearsal. The two shamans nod to each other. 
I will shortly meet RL at the Gate to talk to Mandola Joe. When I get there, Pat the guitar player is there, too.I tel them the story of the battle of Midland Beach. The mayor sent the cops to shut down the cafe on Olympia Avenue in Midland Beach. (Don’t ask why...strategically dumb.) Occupiers and retired cops in Emerald Society sweatshirts faced off against active duty cops. The old cops asked the active duty guys, Do you know what you’re doing? You can’t do this...Finally the active duty cops went back to their commander. Said we aren’t going to do this... The cafe and free store remain. It’s a micro story. Didn’t even make New York 1 news. Why am I so drawn to Staten Island? The real revolution begins with the working class...retired cops and Occupy turn back Bloomberg? Watch out..
I referred to them as the ragged Buskers. They liked that. or maybe ragamuffins... Mandola and Pat are ready to play. Just find a date.

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