Thursday, December 13, 2012

The FBI, a thankyou from Japan and a brief reflection on population in Ireland


Bob, Councilmember Brewer, Reona Ito, TK Nakagaki

Stephen and I going over details of what we need for tonght’s concert. Madison Square Garden may have thier star-studded 12/12/12 concert, but we’ve got Reona Ito and Giuseppe Basilio of Billy Elliott. 

Nan comes in to work on money issues. No question about it, things look grim. Hopefully sooner than  later we’ll see which direction we’re headed.

Getting keys to Mariola so Noche can start sharing the first floor office. 

I say Top of the afternoon to Marty as I pass by. 
Didn’t you say that the other day?
No, Marty, you said top of the mornin to me.
Ah yeah, and the rest of the afternoon to you. That’s how that goes.  You were confused. And he laughs. Do you know why the population of Ireland is growing by leaps and bounds? 
I shake my head. 
Because the population is always Dublin. And he laughs. You know, I’m a fanatic for Notre Dame. Back in the 40’s, the great Lakes Air Force Base beat Notre Dame. How could that be?
Because during  the war, all the bases had the best football players. There was one in San Diego, one in...
Yes, Samson Naval Base on Lake Erie. My father was trained there.
Why don’t they sell baseball tickets with gum in it anymore? At these stores? A boy came by, I offered him a quarter. For the tickets. He says, no thanks. Smart boy. Very wise. Notre Dame all the way.
Marty, take care. 

The St. Agnes boys are in and Teddy has them busy getting everything ready for the concert.  

I let Marc know what’s needed micwise. I now know we need four and a 5 o’clock sound check.

I’m leaving a visit from my old friend Jack when I get a phone call from Teddy. The FBI is back. And when I get back, they’re still there. Human trafficking again.

They seem so young to me. As Teddy pointed out, they’re wearing cop shoes. One’s lean, the other more athletic looking. They show me their id’s. I’m older than I look, the more athletic one says.  

So I have to go back through the whole Occupy Wall Street history. Their arrival, the baptismal font incident, the beautiful morning of amends. Did I file a police report? Yes. 24th precinct. made an investigation. Came up with nothing. (I consider tell  them to just talk to Homeland Security. Get their version.)   The difference between the Post-Murdoch-Fox version and what really happened. The coop months. The whole story.

So it was more semblance of order than chaos? they ask. And I say, both. Explain the whole 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 analysis of how the community seemed to me, including the mental illness and addiction. But no. Never. Never any signs of prostitution or trafficking. 

They want to know who would make such a report.  Tell me it was anonymous. Want to know about the congregation. Was anyone unhappy? (Seriously?) Do I know anyone? Who are they?

I tell them, that I hate thinking of that because  while I have names, I’m ultimately not sure. I won’t share them because it could do more harm than good. And they are satisfied. And Teddy impressed. Gave them what they needed, didn’t what i didn’t want to give. Just enough time to run home and change before the concert. 

The concert is a beautiful idea. Reona Ito,  a Japanese conductor was moved by the US response to the tsunami that he wants to give back by raising money for Sandy victims. The Vice Consul of Japan is here. Thee will be messages from American and Japanese doctors. My long time colleague TK has bee asked to lead a Buddhist prayer. And me to speak and pray in English. And I invite our council member Gale Brewer to speak as well. 

I refer to the season of lights. Chanukah, Christmas, light growing day by day. Week by week. I remember the flaoting lanterns launched by the Buddhists every year on the anniversary of 9-11. We hostd the fund raiser for the tsunami and now they return the generosity. In this one world we share, let us help light to grow. That’s pretty much what I said.

The concert is wonderful. The chorus and orchestra both well rehearsed and precise. Rich Campbell’s piano solo appropriate. But Giuseppe Basilio was a true star hitting some skyscraper notes in his Star Spangled banner, making Elton John’s Don’t let the sun go down on me his own and finishing  with his signature piece from Billy Elliott,  Electric including a flip and his solo dance. 

I also announced tonight that our Presbytery has named us a  drop off site for Sandy resources. 

This was a good way to finish the day. 

Bob, Giuseppe Basilio, Reona Ito, TK


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