Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Patron saint of piano ladies


There is one focus and one focus only for today. Our potential partner/investor has sent her financial advisor to tour our place. We’ve cleaned every inch. Put everyone on their best behavior. Teddy ready to help us on out tour as we go over every inch.  

In our conversations, I look for connections, like my long time connection and affection for New Mexico. At the end of the tour, my work is cut out for me. Need to come up with the mission statement of the Center. Floor plans of the building. Structural report. Connections with the Landmarks Conservancy and the ten year master plan. Political connections. Connections with our financial people. Real estate people. This is a conversation taken seriously.

Teddy and I compare notes on our experiences. Martin and I talk about a shared office possibility with Jane. Trying not to get too anxious or excited.

Kara comes in. Wants to play the piano. I welcome her. I hear her start methodically through her warm ups and scales again. Then into her personal, reflective, expressive music. I asked her to see how the piano is . Wondering if I need a tuner, like Piano Dan, before tomorrow night’s benefit concert. She tells me she’s self taught, not sure if she can tell.

RL’s issues, as he says, come in threes. They would seem Jovian if not for his steady, stoic acceptance of what is. He is a man I would like to be near when the ship hits the iceberg. 

Rachelle comes in to visit. I thought that removing her stuff from the church might have driven her away, but no. She has brought me chocolate, Chanukah gelt, to celebrate the season. I ask if she has cheated at dreidel. She looks at me quizzically, then understanding my joke, laughs. She’s headed for the menorah lighting on Central Park South. The largest menorah in the country, she says. 

I’m thinking about our visitor. I’ve got the Virgin Mary going for me, my saints bracelet, my rediscovered Native American coral and turquoise ring and Jamie’s lucky penny. Need all the mojo I can conjure.

Kara has finished. Darkness has fallen. We stand on the steps. You are the patron saint of piano ladies, she says. I’ll take that, I say. The piano’s fine, she says, it responds to my fingers, does everything I want, goes with me... since Teddy reminded me of her story, I no longer feel annoyed. I understand her hyper emotions, her smiles.  I had a cerebral incident, you know? she says, eyes wide and large. But life is very good. Very good. I have  a new life. I have been reborn. This is such a gift....she looks at me intently. Please don’t tell me it will go away, tears are   beginning to flow, please...
Kara, its OK. We’re not going anywhere. 
I couldn’t bear to lose....
It’s OK, we’ll be here....

She hugs me, heads for her bus. 

You are the patron saint....

The bus is here...

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