Friday, December 28, 2012

The Third day of Christmas: Needing to find a way to keep the chaos at bay...

Kara is sitting in a lotus position on the floor. As I walk in, she gets up, walks over. O Pastor, oooh, I think I upset Mr. Martinez. The door was open. I watched them rehearsing. They were so fantastic. And that one man dancer....When he was finished I leaped up and yelled hot diggity dog I think I’m in love! and Mr. Martinez just said Out! Out! You have to get out! I need to tell him I was a professional dancer. An accompanist for dance lessons....really....I hope I didn’t upset him....
I can see she’s been writing a note. She wants to give it to me to give it to him. I tell her Mariola’s in the office. To give it to her. And to talk to her about lessons, too.
I check outside. George is still there. OK, this is concerning me. And someone else’s stuff is blocking our main door. I begin to get anxious about losing control. Damn it, Teddy.  I need an easy strong voice to keep order. Damn it. 
I ask George about the other stuff. Mexican guy, he’ll be back. You don’t know him? he asks with a raised eyebrow. 
Well, he’s blocking the door. If his stuff is still here tomorrow morning, it’s getting thrown out.  George, what’s your plan?
It’s been four days. What’s up?
I done already told you. You don’t know? Told you I got to get back in practice. Told you I got to be ready. It’s comin. Fiscalmotherfuckincliff. We all goin over. Got to be ready.
That’s why he comes here. Apocalypse training. But he’s got too much stuff with him this time. I call Project Reachout. Yes, I know his case is closed. Look, it’s been four days OK? They agree to come by and talk with him. And also check for the other person. 
When I comeback later, Kara is gone, George is still here. The Noche dancers are finishing for the day and heading home. I hope Martin can help me figure out a way to keep the chaos at bay. 

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