Thursday, January 5, 2012

The eleventh day of Christmas: Just like Jesus, you might say

Another cold day. I come from the lectionary group where I led a session on the baptism of Jesus, how all our ministries are rooted in our baptism, not our ordination. Just like Jesus, you might say.  Amazed at how some of the principles our presbyterian ancestors came to theologically are being explored in the secular world of #ows...
Jeff, Billy and Stan are back again, now authorized as a delegation. We are agreed, the rules which were in place at SPSA will be in place at West-Park until we’ve finalized an agreement.  
Here’s a difference: at SPSA, there’s a full staff covering the bases. Here at West-Park, there’s only me and Danielle. Things like security, clean up, replacing toilet paper, soap, towels, will have to  be handled internally. And I have to raise the touchy subject of bed bugs. Has to start with prevention. This will be a further experiment in developing true mutual accountability and responsibility. To see if a livable (temporary) community can be created until spring. It’s up to them whether it can happen or not.
Berik comes with many plans to add to his art show. He wants to do some fashion shows. Try to attract some Russian money, people to purchase paintings. More use of the space. 
I leave to see Jane at Starbucks. She too sees that if the Center is to survive, West-Park as a congregation needs to survive. Focus, energy, needs to go there. Can we truly develop a partner realtionship? She, they, want to help. Can that happen?
Back at the church, Tia is getting ready for Jane’s class. It’s too cold in the chapel. We walk in. It’s hard to see how the chapel was heated, there are no visible radiators. So she’ll set up in the Session room instead. Occupiers are starting to arrive. There will also be a spokescouncil tonight. Can they coexist with an evolving center programming? Tia seems a bit wary.  I have described our place to the Housing Work Group as a fragile ecosystem. In every way, building wise and human. 
It’s been a long day. A full day.  I need a run. Even in the cold. 

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