Sunday, January 22, 2012

And I feel lifted up

It snowed today. Teddy called and he and a crew got up and out and shoveled the sidewalk.
Late afternoon appointment with Osgafeyo Sekou, back after all these months. Drove down from Boston with his ministry partner/wife and her aunt from Jamaica. He’s seen the articles about West- Park and #ows and they have rekindled his dream of building a freedom church. He wants to know all about the #ows experience. And so I tell him, all that is good. All that is a challenge.
He sees many possibilities.  He’s been working with civil rights era elder James Lawson. Interested in starting a center for training in non-violent social change, based in the learnings of the Civil Rights era and Dr King. It could bring some clarity to those in the current struggle. I remember Pastor James’ brother Philip talking to Occupy Faith about the difference between a day of coordinated action and an an actual campaign. And more, what makes up a campaign. 
I talk about our dream for the center. How I could not do social justice ministry apart from spiritual ministry. And he speaks of his combination of being a Church of God in Christ (COGIC) minister with a Christian existentialist philosphy. He’s got a deep feeling for my need for partners in minsitry, to help build up the church side of this project. And feels something very special in the building. Like this is the right time. And I agree that the moment is pregnant with possibility. And the time short.
We form a prayer circle, Sekou, his wife, her aunt, and me. And he prays for me, the chuch, the occupiers, even those who have been alientated enough to steal, and I feel the power of his prayer and I feel lifted up. As I did the first time I met him, I believe that the freedom church could grow here. That he could be part of this vision. 

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