Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thirty-fifth day of Lent: Holy Week begins

Barney Greengrass is open for a rare Monday because tonight is the first night of Passover. And starting tomorrow they’ll be closed for the week, Gary’s only week of vacation. I buy my coffee, wish him a happy Passover and vacation. I’ll have to get my coffee somewhere else this week. 
Amanda and Danielle meet for the first time. They’re off and running planning a full week of work. And Amanda’s ready to plan four concerts for our Centennial Celebration week in June. 
Tom calls and Nazim and crew are ready to work. This afternoon. Wasn’t expecting them until tomorrow. The goal is to see if we can get the bathrooms up and running in time to bring the Three Graces theatre company, and maybe Warner Brothers, in by May 1. They’re going to turn the water on again. See what happens. Later  hear that one toilet nearly exploded. OK, not so easy. 

Somehow the pigeons seem to have broken back in. How did that hatch get left open? Doesn't matter. That disturbing  sound of fluttering  wings. And in the guano splattered anteroom there is the carcass of a dead bird. Haven't had to deal with one of those in months. Feels like falling back. I brace myself, walk in, pick up and remove the dead bird. 
Amanda and I dig in, dragging out bags of garbage that have been sitting in various places  much too long. Clean up, conscious awareness has to become part of our liturgy, our worship, our work. 

Tonight is Passover. Holy Week has begun.

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