Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amharic maybe?

OK. Now we know. Officially. The boilers must be repaired by November 16 at the latest. Or else. 
Katherine and I give Cecilia Rodino a tour of the building. She’s a playwright. Just finished a run of her new play, From the Fire, at Judson Memorial Church, in the Village. A staged oratorio about the Triangle Short Waist fire. We meet with Ted, begin to explore what we might do together. The outlines of what could be an amazing summer or afterschool program begin to emerge. Could be a perfect match with the EVC program. But no kids can come in here in the current state. Much work would need to be done. 
Gary Greengrass is back from vacation. Looking tanned and relaxed. He’s put in a good word for us with Warner Brothers. They need more bathrooms. But they’ll make a donation to us, to keep the door open for the future. 
Danielle and I go to the Belnord  to bring large buckets and mops and a shop vac to clean Mc Alpin. Ibrahim helps us wheel them up the street. He comes into the church. Admires its beauty. I ask him about the mysterious sign. Not Hebrew. Not Arabic, he says. OK, Amharic maybe?
Stop in the church to get my black preaching robe for a memorial service at SPSA for Jed’s wife Celia. The postlude will be a note for note piano transcription of Jimi Hendrix’ Woodstock Star Spangled Banner. 

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