Friday, April 1, 2011

Seventeenth day of Lent: The plumber came. The phone guy didn't

Sunny and cold again. I meet Hope outside of the 86th Street door. Waiting for the phone company to come and install phones and wi-fi. One of those annoying deals where they give you a four hour widow and you just have to wait. Have to see how it goes. 
I sweep up, make my rounds. By 3, no phone guy has arrived and I head down to French Roast on 85th to meet Mim and interview a candidate for our administrative position. She worked as a coordinator for the Religion and the Arts course at Union. Wants to be a teacher. Take time to fully explain all that needs coordinating in our project. She seems up to it. This could work.
Back at the church, Deacon James has come over to help us wait. He’s still a bit weakened by his first chemo treatment. Long journey ahead. I take our candidate on a tour of the whole building, show her all my favorite spaces. Spaces she will help fill if she takes this job. 
In the middle of the tour, Maxwell Plumbing arrives for another look at the boiler. He’s puzzling over how to separate sanctuary from church house, what kind of new affordable boiler he might recommend. Just hope he makes his recommendation soon.
The plumber leaves.  I have to leave. No phone guy yet. Deacon James has gone home. Hope will stay awhile longer. The phone guy never comes. 

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