Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Friday. And Earth Day. Connections? The earthquakes in Matthew. How the very earth seemed to tremble at the death of Jesus. A cosmic brokenness. I’m thinking of Japan.
Amanda and I meet for coffee to plan the day. Shortly thereafter Rochone and Danielle arrive. Long intense work on the June concert series. Working on a name. Playing with the idea of bridge. Like a bridge on a guitar. Connecting things. Our concerts not just to present music but to link with groups and people transforming the world. 
I leave to visit with my friend Pastor Elise Brown, working in a plan to raise funds. I appreciate her taking time in the midst of a Good Friday to work with me on this. Rochone, Amanda and Danielle head to the "office." 
Marty is outside. He remarks that the weather is unseasonably cool. He speaks of median temperatures. How a woman in a gown used to deliver the temperatures inTV. Last name of Dollar. Which led to him telling me he watches Creplo Dollar and Joel Osteen on the TV. How his father, the Rabbi, used to ask him to watch Bishop Fulton Sheen on TV and take notes. Asks me if I use humorous stories or parables in my sermons. Repeats his favorite joke about the spirits in which the gift was given..Tells me about his days at a famous Bronx High School. And then City College, the Harvard of the Working Class, until he couldn’t continue. He’s in a good mood today.
Late  in the day we go to visit Rachel who makes it to church every Sunday, hip replacement and all. We were finishing a run  the park the day she fell. 
At 6, we gather for our annual Good Friday service led by the  youth. The first year this was planned, I was skeptical about the idea, Good Friday too solemn an occasion for youth. But when I actually went, I was touched and moved. They gathered around a rough wooden cross made by the Santiago family. Keeping  that part of the tradition alive. Holly and Pat worked with the children and youth until they knew their parts. And with grace and dignity the seven last words were simply presented. 
This year, Samantha is in charge. I hear the words again. we sing Sanctuary:
Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tired and true, with thanksgiving, I’ll be a living, sanctuary for you...

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