Saturday, April 30, 2011

Archives, Eisenhauer, Bathrooms

Hope comes in early. We have found an old suitcase behind the pulpit. A veritable treasure trove of things. Original  music scores. Old bulletins, a lecture against isolationism and false patriotism, a protest against balancing the budget on the backs of the vulnerable, especially pensioners. A letter signed by Dwight  David Eisenhauer as president of Columbia University. 
Mim walks in. And we all agree we’re out of our depth here. Mim agrees to talk to the archival people at Union about what we should do. We’ve still got to find enough appropriate things  for Norm’s display.  But the project needs trained people, maybe students. 
Tom Vitullo-Martin drops by and we talk about work that needs to be done that the Belnord staff might help with. The Watson plumbers work all day and finish the bathroom. After almost four years, a bathroom works again!

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