Sunday, February 23, 2014

Not a jam


Welcome back open mic

Yesterday was a  long day of holding.  Danielle was there at 6AM to open up for all the extras of a new  television show, Believe. They’re filming over on Columbus. Between every scene they’re in Mc Alpin for long stretches of wait time and catering. As of 7 PM , they were still here.

Today is my day for early duty. At last an electrician is coming to deal with the scaffolding lights. I hear him knocking on the door, but I can’t open it because Joe and La Toya are asleep there. Sigh. So I ask him to come around to the side door. He has found the problem and it was exactly what David S had thought it was. And now it’s fixed. Lights again. We can stop worrying about a fine.

I have to head downtown to meet with our attorney in one of our cases. This is a whole area of law that seems to demand some Biblical injunctions.  I get back in time to update Danielle and breathe another sigh. And then she shows me the email that threatens to throw all things into chaos. A definite headscratcher. Like from out of nowhere. We look at each other in disbelief.

Jamie drops in to talk so we head to the B. Haven’t been there in a while. Lots to catch up on. When we get back to the church, open mic is already in session. It’s our first in weeks, since the cold weather hit. We’ve lost  a few folks, but I’m actually surprised how many have returned. Jamie decides to stay.

Abigail is reading from her husband Les’ memoir about the Holocaust years. His parents dressing him like a girl to hide him from the Nazis. There are some new stayers as well. Joe has at least one Pete Seeger tribute.

As RL steps up to the stage, he gets Abigail to join him on violin and Les pulls out his melodica and joins in and Bobby heads to the baby grand. An all star accompaniment to RL’s singing about his baby
RL rocking

I come up with a post-Valentine’s set that works. I love the feeling of flow. And my fingers feel loose for a change.Is it the weather? They’re actually moving where and when I want them to, adding notes. And on my final song, Pat O adds a lead guitar and Abigail her fiddle. I haven’t had that I a long time, and it feels good.

Before the anticipated finale, RL gets almost teary talking about the beauty of live music  and the difference between our style of open mics and jam sessions. Jams are competitive, can you top this? This is different. It’s collaborative.  You play your song, leave some room, we’ll add in. It  beautiful when it works. And then it’s a full stage together to say goodnight even while being wooed to stay awhile.

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