Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jeremy is back from Zanzibar


The cold, and the quiet continue. Another day and the scaffolding people do not respond. Danielle finally gets past the middle woman to the boss and lets him know if we get fined, they’ll be responsible.

David S stops through, looking for RL. More than enough jobs to deal with and no clear word as to where to begin.

Jeremy has returned from Zanzibar. Playing three days at a world music festival. With Africans and adventure tourists. His work with African diva Wunmi will soon take him to Brazil for Carnivale. ( We’re talking about what we can do together coming up and how we might also connect with the Workcenter and/or Dzieci folk. He’s just back and a bit weary so we’ll talk more later.

Priska has been up in her studio working and comes down to meet him. It’s the anniversary of their first date or at least first meeting. We walk out into the cold and down the street together.

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