Saturday, February 1, 2014

Boiler blues


Day starts with a call from Martin. He’s calling the  Fire Department. Very bad smells happening. By the time I get there, the Fire Department has been there and also Con Ed. The Fire Department cut off power and Con Ed shut off the gas. The boiler saga continues.

I review the reports of the FDNY and Con Ed. There was at least serious carbon monoxide if not gas.  Dangerous. These plumbers we have been using seem to not know what they’re doing and only making things worse. Insisting that we need a chimney sweep. That doesn’t happen like overnight. So we’re trying to track down the company that first installed the boiler. (Should have done that in the first place.) Maybe they can get here by the end of the day.

The coldness continues to seep in. Bringing back old memories. Not happy ones. 

As it nears 7, looks like the boiler people won’t be arriving.  More and more people keep arriving with instruments only to be told that there’s no open mic to night due to the weather and no heat. One woman has come in from Queens two weeks in a row. Only to be disappointed. And Abigail and Les back too. She says she’s got a surprise in store. Hopefully she’ll be back.

Danielle and I ending a slow and frustrating week. Things not falling into place the way I’d like.

Decide to catch a Leverage with RL: The rich and powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you. Not a bad job description. Amazed that perspective lasted on TV for five seasons. There’s more class anger here than we like to admit.

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