Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No chimney sweep was necessary


Strange. Joe and La Toya kept hanging on the steps yesterday long after they should have been gone. Right before worship, I looked out and the now banished Sergeant Keith was with them. ???? I called him by name, but he didn’t look my way.

Rob stopped in. Wanted me to hear his good news. He’s received a diagnosis that should put him in line for an SRO apartment, much like Chris. There’s a lot more story telling and posturing, but that’s the only important point.

It’s a day for the boiler. We’ve finally got the guys who installed it in the first place on the case. And they have quickly figured it out. It’s all about a particular motor. Which they have replaced.  They also figured out why the CO had spread into the church. And have taken care of that. They've been at this for eight hours. They’ve taken reading to show that everything is safe. And tomorrow we’ll have the Con Ed gas people come to do a final safety inspection.

So the heat is back on. And no chimney sweep was necessary.

I’m working very late, getting ready for a trip to Lousiville tomorrow. It’s been steady snow all day. Snow filling the branches of all the trees. Almost magical. Doesn't happen often.

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