Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not history's bones


The Workcenter cast

Back from Louisville. Drag my suitcase up the subway steps. Up 86th Street from Broadway. And up the stairs of the church and in. I’ve arrived just in time for the Workcenter’s last performance, Not History’s Bones—a poetry concert. I’m happy to find Danielle in the office and that she’s staying for the concert.

The snow that had fallen before I left has turned to ice. And once again weather will have defeated our Open Mic. 

Once again, the text is poetry by Alan Ginsburg. Although tonight the music is closer to international pop in genre. Some songs sounding lyrically and sonically like outtakes from Hair.  We hear Ginsburg’s cry of social protest. And political protest. With his neoWhitman beat poems. Sadly, most are still as appropriate as when they were written. I feel the connecting links with Bread & Puppet and Dzieci.

At the end of the concert, there are thankyous and goodbyes.
Mario, Bob and Danielle
They will be off to Toronto for a week or so before stopping back in New York before returning to Italy. There is a lot to talk about. A conversation to be had about how we take what has happened and work with that in terms of creating new communities. Their Seed Groups and Open Choirs. Can a community be built on the basis of the principles, music and ritual of the Workcenter? I look forward to that conversation.

People are lingering. Not wanting to leave. Lloyd is playing some of his original music and others are joining in on guitar and piano and rhythm.

Outside on the steps, there is commotion. I go out. Apparently, it’s an issue regarding false accusation. According to Joe, adamantly insisting on his innocence. Upset at having had to be questioned by the police and be late for school. Well and good, I say, but of you don’t bring it down, those frightened people inside are going to call the police and you’ll have to go through all that again. I have to repeat that at least three times as he finally calms himself. Once back inside, Jeremy G asks if I want to lock up the front door. I nod yes.

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