Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slightly raised hopes on a very hot day


Deacon James stops in on his way back from the hospital. Feeling weary. Not helped by the fact that he still doesn’t have his stuff. Capital Hall staff are supposed to be back today. Surely someone can open up the room and reclaim his twenty bags. What he misses most is being able to cook. I understand.

Rudolfo comes in with a long story. With angles from women to work. Been a year without work. (If you had to pick one...) The heat is oppressive. And all I can come up with is enough for a cafecito. Don’t know why it’s so hard for people to believe me when I say I have no money....

David S is on assignment by RL today. The mission: a new air conditioner for RL’s studio.David has the appearance of one who’s got a heavy barge to tote and bale to lift on a hot day.

Stephen arrives to lead a tour for another well known dance company who is showing interest. The founder/choreographer is in love with the place. The question is how will the board react? Stephen invites me on the tour. I do my arco-socio-historical rap. Yes, we are still a functioning church. Yes we worship every Sunday. Yes we’d be open to repurposing, designing the sanctuary. My main  hope is to see what has been so much the soul of the space continue to serve the community. And beyond. Have an idea? I’m open.

Later RL will tell me the French choreographer, still well muscled but no longer  young, lent a critical hand to the heavy lifting. RL reports the air conditioner transplant operation was a success and he’s off to see Harvey in the Big House. There’s not too much gloating in the fact that he has AC and I don’t. In fact there's an open invitation to come up and chill when needed. 

Marsha is the first to arrive. Then Leila. Then Arcadia. We’ve got Stephen on the phone. Critical decisions to make regarding the apartment sale. My apartment sale. Would it be too much to ask to have one thing fall into place? The fact that the sale/lease back idea might not be crazy after all is just too much to think about. 

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