Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July. And no. Just no.


And now July.

No one  here to open up. I meet Jamie who has brought  representative of Shen Wei dance for a site visit. They are best known for the choreography of the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics. A connection from Don, our man in China. I walk with them into the sanctuary and do my standard archo-socio-historical tour.

When the tour is finished, we head down the street for conversation.

The church, with everyone gone, is eerily quiet. It’s almost disturbing. Danielle working from home today.

Lee Breuer  (Mabou Mines Theatre) and some of his actors are at work in McAlpin, otherwise it’s quiet. Martin and Noche on the west coast. 

Working hard to get our resolution to Presbytery.

 Call from Stephen. One long wait is over. And the answer is NO. Just NO. Hours and hours of work, of planning, of conversation, calculations. And the answer is no. Trying to absorb that.Not be crushed by that. NO. Need to regroup.

Late at night, Marc playing his guitar. We talk about lights on. Lights off. And NO. The answer is NO.

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