Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heading in that direction

                                                           Zeljko's My Dream Is

Pillows. Why are people leaving pillows on the steps? They have to go immediately to the garbage. And a shoe brush. A shoe shine brush. Yes, a shoe shine brush. 
Danielle has found a purse. We figure out that last night our neighbors from across the street met here. Good to see Luli. Told her to tell Martin to call me. Sure enough, a woman comes looking for her purse and we have it. Minor miracle.
Max and Gabe are back to work again. RL directing them as we work on emptying out the 4th floor. Getting ready for Matt and Stan and the Representatives who are already here rehearsing when the cleanup's not going on.
Bella here too, sorting out papers.
As for me, I’m completely consumed with working out a strategy to get our real estate contract in front of our presbytery on Saturday. My colleagues at our neighborhood  Study this morning all helped in developing the way to make this happen. Our system exists to facilitate mission. But that doesn’t prevent some  from using the rules to play out their personal battles. My colleagues have helped me feel we can do this. So it’s all in to make it happen. Despite my anxiety, the process of working a strategy still engages me, gets me going.
As soon as I’ve done my first draft, Danielle and I grab the rubber gloves and head outside. Sean was still here when she arrived. Apologetic, open. She brought him clean clothes. The rest is up to us. Throughout the afternoon, the aching sensation in my nose, the queasy stomach will remain. And there is no champagne today.
Although the sounds of Ethel in the balcony comes close.
Late in the day Zoran drops by. Zeljko’s co producer. Serbian filmmaker himself.Professor at the School of  Visual Arts.  My host at the screening last week. His students worked with Zeljko in shooting My dream is....I give Zoran the whole tour. 
We head to Slightly Oliver for conversation. Tums out Zoran comes form the vestigial Jewish community of Belgrade. Grandparents were Holocaust survivors. He is a bearded bear of a man with a lust for life and an incisive mind. He’s done the Southern European Film Festival in LA. Wants to bring it to New York City. West-Park maybe?
But even more so, is interested in a film series on confession. One of those times  where you throw out an idea and start to see what gathers around it. We talk about the word in its fullest sense. In the popular mind, it’s about a statement of guilt, or responsibility. Truth telling about what I did. On the deeper level, confession is an honest, naked statement of who I am. At my core.  Or who we are, collectively. Need to sit with this. See where it goes. Perfect for what we’re trying to do. Lust for life, creativity. Not exactly champagne. But moving in that direction...

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