Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Certain issues that arose


Rob is first on the scene to arrive today. Ready to sweep, get things cleaned up. He’s not sleeping here anymore because of certain issues that arose....but working very closely with Reachout to find a permanent place to live. He wants to know about Bible study. (Not until September.) And worship. It’s every Sunday at 11 AM) Wants to get close to God again. We can work on that.

RL and David are hard at work. RL is passionate about clearing out all extraneous stuff from the little chapel to open up space for the open mics.  Big stuff is on its way to the sidewalk because Wednesday morning is big stuff collection day. We climb up ladders and look in the attic above tbe chapel and Martin’s studio. See the original decorative work. A hidden  light fixture too fancy to be  just functional. A vestigial arch from the original chapel of 1884.Trying to piece it all back together. Still a puzzle. A mystery. There’s a whole world to explore up there. But not today.

The Prophet is hanging out on the steps again. Dressed in normal clothes....clothed and in his right mind, you might say.

The JCC kids will be here soon. 

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