Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just in case


When I try opening the front door, it won’t open. As I push a little harder, I realize that Rob is on the other side. Uh,’s like 11:30. You can’t be here, you know? He looks very apologetic and begins gathering his stuff up.

A few minutes later, two people come through the door so I know he’s gone. I feel like celebrating. After several days of mixed connections trying to get Christopher together with people who can help him get to an appropriate housing placement, finally Chantel and Tim of BRC show up AND Christopher is here. I think about it for a minute and then decide to let them talk this through for themselves. Big mistake.

When I get back awhile later from getting iced coffee at Greengrass, Chantel and Steve are getting ready to leave. Chris didn’t like the accommodations they had available. Turned them down and left. Back to the drawing board. Seriously frustrating. Now I have to have that conversation about there being no choice anymore. 

A woman walks in. Named Penny. Wants information about the open mics. I show her the chapel where the open mics take place. Turns out she’s a Greek Orthodox. Interested in churches and how they feel. She tells me about hers over on 91st and West End and I explain that church was born as a Presbyterian church and show her the similarities with hers. And she smiles. Now it makes sense. No dome.  Wants to come back. 

RL ducks in. Harvey has moved from Roosevelt Hospital back into Kateri. That’s a good thing.

A young man comes in. Named Peter. He’s opened a new office a few blocks down the street. A counseling office. Just wanted you to know I’m here, he said, Just in case someone, you know, ever needs counseling or therapy here. Just in case. I look at him a minute. Think of responding. Smile to myself. Thank you, I say, I’ll keep that in mind.

Joanne comes in looking for Danielle.

Around closing time, Logan B comes in with a last minute need for holding  for a shoot on Monday. I give him a quick look around. He remembers the place from last fall when he used us for Amy Schumer’s new show. He’s got an an indie movie coming up. Says he’ll be back Friday. Hopefully we can make this work.

Tomorrow’s a holiday. We all could use one.

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