Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is it with the umbrellas?

Hope comes in late in the day to sign checks. And much of our conversation has to do with Presbytery, our feeling of being alienated, marginalized, much like most of the people we work with.
Martin comes in to try and wrap up our negotiations with Noche Flameneco. The creation of a studio in the gym now seems like it won’t work for now, but he wants to be part of our center and I really want them to be part of it. So we continue to work on what might work.
Danielle (the occupier) has found help to get bus tickets back to Florida for her and her boyfriend. He helps me clear the steps of cardboard, a bed and an umbrella. (What is it  with the umbrellas?)In fifteen days, they’ll be headed back. 
Matthew and his cast continue to rehearse their show, the beautiful music continues to fill the sanctuary. 
I look up and Leila is there with her brother David. I haven’t seen him since last summer and the dress rehearsal for the Tenant. Although the fashion show went well, Berik is cancelling the other two shows he had projected. Not enough profit.
Mariola, the manager for Noche, has come in for one more look...I just want to get this done. 
After an interminable wait in line at the post office...if there is such a thing as purgatory, time waiting in line at the post office gets taken away from your sentence...I go back to the church to sign some papers for the DOB related to the boiler. And I am already late to the farewell party for Alistair as he leaves for his sabbatical. 
Requiem is already at the door. Occupiers already coming home One of the octogenerean peace activists asks do I have a minute. Well, actually, no, I don’t.
Back in the office, Max and other organizers are there to talk about Saturday’s Town Square #ows event. They are soon taking down the posters from Berik’s fashion showand putting up their own. 
And the young reporter who has been doing the latest round of interviews shows up to shoot me and take other pictures. I agree, but all I want to do is leave.

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