Saturday, February 25, 2012

The second day of lent: movie night

Mim cmes to talk about the agenda for Monday night’s meeting. We head across the street for coffee and sandwiches. We continue to be in  that critical space with more tasks to do than there are people to do them, the need for a long range business plan and strategy, a real strategy to build church strength and sorting out the relationship between center and church. It’s a lot. We bring lunch to Danielle, happy that she is there, knowing that we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have so far without her. 
Rudolfo has come to visit and is very proud that he has found a place to stay. Not sure I fully understand how, but that’s ok. Chris talks to me out on  the steps about wanting to borrow the projector so that they can have a movie night and we’re glad to help set that up.
Matthew is having one of his last church rehearsals and we explain to Mim how that all cmae about, Matthew being the son of one of someone close to my mom from her church. As soon as they are done, Martin Bard and his Times Square Players are back again. 
Jamie has been working hard on putting our agreement with Noche Flamenco into standard contract form. It's almost there, all but the riders we are talking through. Just like our other real estae pro, Jon, she is protective of West-Park and helping to keep an eye on the big picture. We decide to go out to continue the onversation.
When  I get back to the church, Raven is talking to a guy sitting in the  doorway. He introduces him as DJ. Raven has explained about not having guests after hours. DJ is appealing to me for a place to spend the night, but I explain that I can’t do that. It’s got to be worked out through the coop.  
I walk into the sanctuary to go to my office and pick up my things before heading home. It’s dark. The Tenant movie screen is back up. Requiem and Rose have the  streaming Netflix hooked up. Movie night is about to begin. That summer camp feel is here again. I could almost stay.

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