Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jane's office is where they keep the guns


It’s President’s Day. No vacation here.
Hope and I have our first go at the annual annoying round of Presbytery statisitcs filing. This will take way too many hours. Wandering down winding internet paths. Numerical wild goose chases. 
I step out. Talk to Rafael. Someone has made him out to be a serious crime kingpin. I’m telling him he’s shorting me and better come across. There’s some pretty exciting stories. I might be concerend if the same caller has not described Danielle as glassy eyed and Mooniesque under the thrall of Rafael’s Jim Jones mind control. Uh, no. What is scary, though, is that moment when you realize that the crazy caller literally believes what she is saying. That’s why our ancestors thought it was possession. It may be. 
When I come back after physical therapy, Hope is meeting with Danielle and Rafael and two nurses from the National Nurses Union.We’re talking about setting up a three day a week clinic to handle OWS folks and anyone from the neighborhood who might have healthcare needs. We can make this happen.
Looking up, I realize that for the first time in years, all of the ceiling lights are on. How did that happen? Danielle tells me that she went up into the space between the ceiling and the roof with Jay and Requiem and found replacement bulbs and that they carefully made the exchange. And that Danielle discovered that not only is there glass in the ceiling but there is stained glass. How beautiful that would be with natural light flowing through. If that could only ever happen....
Bobby is wondering around. Filled with Whitney Houston stories. And jazz greats. He’s ready to bring them all here. Jane keeps the Montovani record he gave her on her mantle. According to the caller, Jane’s office is where they keep the guns. 

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