Thursday, February 23, 2012

But what am I going to do with the X?

Brandon is in early to pick up a few cables from Woodshed’s storeage. I tell him about having seen Roger Lirtsman, Michel,  from the Tenant, in Stan and Matt’s apartment play last Saturday. Called The Lower Lights and based on an old presbyterian hymn, they’d like to find a way to perform the play for the OWS folks at West-Park. Brandon also looking ahead to his musical event later in  the spring.
Steve has come by and I’m reaching out for legal assistance in this case that still hangs over our heads, still need an insurance and bankruptcy expert.  He’s got more cash to deliver to Danielle.
In th sanctuary, I hear Rev. Sekou trying out a possible music minister, the sounds of gospel dancing around.  We sit and talk awhile, zeroing in on the idea of him opening up an office. I take him to see Danielle again. Hope has arrived  to work on the accursed statistics again. So I introduce them. Sekou’s hoping to set up a book night for his Gods, Guns and Gays that could involve Cornell West.  Something is going to happen here. 
Sekou and I go upstairs to check out his possible office space. Chris is sitting at a table back by the kitchen. As we pass, he shows us what he’s doing. I’m trying to use every letter in the scrabble box to make  words related to West-Park and Occupy. See? I look down and see he’s doing pretty well. Occupy, coop, protest...all there. But what am I going to do with the X? he asks.And Sekou and I think a minute, quickly give up. 
We will continue to wrestle with the statistics. And the contract for Noche...until it’s time for me to head to Newark to teach. It’s Mardi Gras. I’m wanting jambalaya  and gumbo. But not this year...a discussion of Gustavo Guttierrez will have to do. 

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