Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Koinonia, solidarity, same thing

I’m upset that there’s a stained bed and a bag of clothes in the south doorway. Too late in the day for that. I tell Gio it’s got to go. 
I see Max on 86th Street, he’s trying to wrap up details for the upcoming #OWS Town Square to be held at West-Park this weekend. An effort to bring #ows and local activists closer together, bring the neighbors in to see what’s going on.
Steve and Rafael say that Evelyn has brought a couch into  the church. No, that’s not going to work. Thay agree with me,go to get it out and I tell them that the front neeeds to get clear. Part of our agreement. Explain that folks can be there overnight, but that steps have to be cleared in the morning.
Evelyn comes in to argue, her Caribbean lilt with a bit of sarcasm. Says she’s got a bad back, etc. I explain no furniture from outside. Just can’t be done. No private rooms. Try to explain that I only deal with the community. No separate deals. I explain that the spokescouncil cut off funding, that necessitated a change. She says they’re biased and no one advocated for them. Says Steve’s part of the one percent. I just have to go back to the community having to deal with its own internal issues, otherwise, I’d go crazy. She reluctantly agrees.
Brandon and Andy and Lawrence have all come to discuss the Unfestival, a new music festival that has its roots in Poland. The feature is a collaboration that’s been develoepd between a Los Angeles and an Eastern European composer bringing both of them to Los Alamos, New Mexico, recording ambient sound near where the atom bombs were exploded and....Anyways, our kind of idea.  Looks like a spring event.
Evelyn waiting, wants to talk more. A reporter wants to talk to Steve, referred by Ravi. (Haven’t seen her since Jeff left.) Steve recommends Chris who seems up for it. Runi keeps coming around for conversations. Yesterday, cleaning up after communion, she thanked me for the grape juice. Said she has issues with using wine. I tell her that’s why we don’t. Call it koinonia, call it solidarity, same thing. 
Danielle would like to ban all backyard activity, just to be safe with the neighbors. I’ve been so happy to get it back after all these years, I kind of resist that idea. What’s reasonable in the city? Need to think about it. 
On 86th Street, near the baskets, I see the couch. 

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