Friday, November 18, 2011

You can't evict an idea whose time has come

Outside on the steps, our independent environmental entrpreneur with his cart full of cans and bottles ha sfallen asleep. 
Mi hermano,  no es permiso a dormirse aquo durienteel dia. En la noche, ok, en dia, no.
Si, me enitendo. Me voy salirme pronto.
But the next time I come out he is still asleep and not moving, but it’s more than I can deal with today.
Sarah arrives with more work to do for the gala. It now looks like we’re going to have to put individual stamps on every postcard. Time is running short and I am getting anxious. 
Martin Bard of the Times Square playwrights has shown up. He remembers his days with the Riverside Shakespeare Company. He will be taking part in the gala. He will even sing. And he too, is interested in Occupy. 

A young couple, (occupiers?) shows up looking for a thrift store. The closest one is at Holy Name at 96th. Our neighbor SPSA has been housing evicted Occupiers. And undercover police as well, says Pastor K. 
In the midst of trying to get too much done, Ji Young and Miranda arrive. I’m on the phone with a reporter answering questions about yesterday’s Dominos Boycott rally. I repeat much of what I said at the rally.  Hope feels very good about our presence and ministry with these workers.
We fall into a discussion regarding decisions about renting. And potential partnerships. And the whole role of money in making those decisions. And how often money comes with a price. The way richer congregations will support a smaller chuch or minsitry and then subtly or not so subtly ask for support or at least silence when certain discussions are taking place and when decisions are being made. It’s not easy, that wise as serpents, gentle as doves.  But our own apocalypse looms ever nearer. Even as in the basement, work in the boiler room has begun. 
Out on the street, I see longtime presbyter Marge Santos waiting for a bus.  As she steps on the bus, she says, You know who can help you? And then names a church that because of who it rents to will never worry about money. The discussion is real. 
Sarah and I are finally ready to get to our work, but it’s time to go. Way past time to go. We decide to ride the subway together to the mass rally in support of Occupy, in part to show that the movement is still alive after the eviction.
You can’t evict an idea whose time has come. 

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